Many Questions {and then a beautiful answer}

Back in January, I started hearing that things weren’t moving as we had hoped. We knew from the beginning that adopting from Haiti could be a very long process. Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe things slowed down. Maybe I am just beginning to feel my age. Maybe I am coming to terms with the ages of the children around here who are growing at easily noticeable rates. Whatever the catalyst, we knew something was off. We asked some questions and the information we received made us believe it would take even longer. As we looked again at the timeline and studied the shortest and longest possible scenarios, Micah and I knew something was going to have to change. Knowing that we still felt called to adopt, we began exploring what that change could be.

After looking toward other options, we learned we could adopt from Asia. The timeline seemed more feasible. We began getting used to the idea and at the same time, began grieving the loss of what we hoped for in Haiti. After a couple of near matches, I wasn’t sure where things were going.

Then, I got a phone call. Apparently, the reason all the maybes began to pile up, questions swirl, and unsettled thoughts and feelings rushed in at just the right time was because our child was here. There was a little girl originally from Asia, already living in the United States, who might be a fit for our family. Honestly, we knew she belonged here from that first conversation. It wasn’t a question of how but of when.

Within just a few weeks, everything was in motion. The more we learned about her, the more we realized her life was being born into our lives. Everything has happened so fast. The Lord has been before us all the way. I have no other explanation for the way so many details have come together. Bedrooms were moved around, books read in preparation, pertinent, appropriate conversations were had among friends and advisors, shopping was done— all in the service of making us and our home available and ready for this little girl— and all of it in a time frame that, looking back, almost seems impossible. Then, we received an incredible placement timeline that moved her from the state she resided in to ours. The hard work of our agency and the blessing of officials has been both humbling and simply amazing.

This evening as I type, she is with us. She is home.

Over the past year and a half, the Lord was readying us for her and her for us. Now, we cannot wait to be “officially” a family in the eyes of the law. Prayerfully, it is only a matter of time. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She is a delight.

God bless the orphans in Haiti, Asia, chryo-preservation units, and all over the world. God bless the families willing to love them into their homes. God bless them for the days, months, and years they wait for each other. May He continue to call us by His name and weave our lives together.